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Judge W.W. McCutchen

Judge W.W. McCutchen, probate judge of this county, passed away on Monday evening about 8 o’clock, after being confined to his bed several weeks with lung trouble. He had been a very fail man physically all his life, but with wonderful powers of endurance, much energy and determination. Born in February 1852, the war years preventing him from having much opportunity to go to school but despite this he became a well educated man. He was a great student and acquired a wonderful store of knowledge.
He was elected judge of probate in 1904, and had always been at his post of duty until the middle of the past summer when his health became very much worse. Since this time he has been compelled to be away most of the time. Judge McCutchen leaves a wife and several children: three sons Walker, Harrison, and George Lee and four daughters Mrs. Annis Calhoun, and Misses Prissy, Lizzie, and Annie.
The remains were carried to Larkinsville yesterday morning and the funeral services were conducted at the Larkinsville Presbyterian Church by Rev. R.D. Shook. Mr. A.J. McCamy, a schoolmate and life-long friend of the deceased, made a few remarks at the church, Rev. Witherspoon offered a prayer, and the Larkinsville choir sang, after which the Masonic fraternity took charge.
Judge McCutchen was a Knight of Honor. He was not a member of the church but was always a Cumberland Presbyterian in his belief until that church divided, when he sided with the Presbyterians. A few weeks before his death, however, he became convinced the union was wrong, and wanted the world to know he was a Cumberland. Besides his fraternal insurance, he is said to have carried $7,000 insurance for he benefit of his creditors.
Judge McCutchen was the son of the late Walker McCutchen, who resided in the southwest end of the county. Before he was grown, he became a member of the household of the late W.R. Larkin and spent the greater part of his life in his employment.

Family Line: 
John McCutchen of Alabama

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