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For those interested in McCutche(o)n family DNA, I am descended from John of Scottsboro 1755-1835. I have tested my paternal yDNA at 111 markers with (Kit #387183). You can query for the following Groups and see my kit# results posted within...L1335 DNA Group, Campbell DNA Group #30, Clan Donald DNA McCutcheon Group. Based upon the science of DNA (and talking to some McCutchen descendants in Scotland) I will state the following for those of you who share DNA with me: 1) We are not descended from Somerled - entirely different Haplogroup from our line. 2) We appear not to be closely related to McCutcheon lines of Ayrshire Scotland whose lines were spelled McHutchon/McHutcheson etc back in the 1600s/1700s 3) We are related to the Campbells of Argyll Scotland. This may explain why our intermarriages and neighbors in Augusta Va 1730s were with Campbells rather than McDonalds etc. At present I am not sure how near or how far back in generations/years our Campbell connection is - but we are from a common progenitor at some point in the past 4) My SNP tests have shown matches to Campbell's and other surnames that originated in Argyll (see L1335 DNA Group results) - thus Argyll is likely where our McCutchen line originated. 5) Our DNA is hard-core Scottish - some DNA research experts believe we descend from the indigenous Picts of Scotland, others believe we descend from the Dalriatic Scots who came to Argyll from Ireland in the 700s. Query these names for more info.

I hope as many of you as possible that can test through the McCutchen male line will do so (FamilytreeDNA, Ancestry, are just two places to test). The tests are easy and involve only a cheek swab with a Q-tip. We need many testees to further refine our Family Group. If you decide to test, It is not worth testing only 12-25 markers. Minimum of 37 needed, better if 67, best if 111. Most of us have spent thousands on documents, travel and research...$280 -300 on DNA is money well spent. I also suggest for those really interested to help nail our family origins down to test for current terminal SNP is FGC10125+. Do a query and read about this SNP. SNPs are the ultimate refining fingerprint of a Family Line - if you match SNPs you are a closer kin than yDNA can sometimes show. You can test single SNPs through FamilytreeDNA or for between $18.- $35.00. Very inexpensive and very informative.

Long post...hope it was interesting and helpful. Glad to help anyone. I will try to put an article in the next issue or two of the McC Trace magazine.

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