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OUT OF STOCK 2/11/18 Coil Bound Copy McCutchen Trace Volume II


OUT OF STOCK 2/11/18 You may order but it will be a while before we can have copied made.

The original book is long out of print and impossible to find. We have permission to sell coil bound copies of Hildegarde Smith's book The McCutchen Trace Volume II. As a child Hildegarde enjoyed hearing her mother tell of the McCutchen History. She made many trips along with other members of the family to the old homesteads and visited the McCutchen Families. Everywhere she went, she would lookup the McCutchen name in telephone directories and then would contact them when she got home. This was really how she got started on McCutcheon genealogy. She received so much information that she saw the necessity of putting it in print. It took her approximately 20 years to gather this information which is now preserved in two volumes of The McCutchen Trace.

List price: $20.00
Price: $20.00

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