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Armond Dexter McCutcheon

Armond Dexter McCutcheon, born April 8, 1924 in Corcoran, California, died December 29, 2008 in Mt Ida, Arkansas. He left a wife, Laura Kathleen, two daughters, Brenda McCutcheon Hooper and Treba McCutcheon, two grand children and three grand children.

After his family, his love was church. He rode his motorcycle to work until he quit working at age 79. His hobby was tinkering with TVs, radios, etc. He was a great artist and photographer. He loved the weather...he watched the weather on TV all of the time and you could always find him out in the middle of a storm watching.

Armond was one of three sons born to Norman Evan and Antonia Verna Schultz McCutcheon. He was the last son to die, and the only one to have children.

Norman was the son of Samuel Lafayette and Rebecca Womack McCutcheon, who were descendants of James and Elizabeth (Jamison) McCutcheon.


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