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W.W. McCutchen

The distressing intelligence reached her on Tuesday, that W.W. McCutchen, of Marshall County and a negro boy, were both drowned in (the) Tennessee River on Monday evening, last.

The statement is that Mr. McCutchen, Mr. Cowley, Mr. Reed, and a colored man were crossing the river in a bateau which filled with water and sank. Mr. Cowley and Mr. Reed both swam ashore. Continued search has been made for the body of Mr. McCutchen, but at this writing it had not been found.

Mr. McCutchen was an old citizen of this county, was a man of high order of intellect, general information, and much beloved for many ennobling qualities. Walker McCutchen had but few equals in intellect and in the qualities of mind and heart that command the respect of acquaintances. We deeply deplore the sorrowful death of such a man and tender his beloved family and kindred our warmest sympathy. Mr. McCutchen must have been seventy years of age, although his appearance did not indicate he was that old.

Family Line: 
John McCutchen of Alabama

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