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Walker McCutchen

Walker McCutchen after several months illness passed away at his home here last Sunday morning and was laid to rest at Cedar Hill cemetery Sunday afternoon following funeral services conducted at his residence by Rev. W.S. Bridges. The funeral was attended by one of the largest crowds attending a funeral service in recent years and many beautiful flowers were sent as a partial testimonial of his popularity.

Mr. McCutchen was known more universally over the county probably more than any other man. For almost a quarter of a century he has been connected with the affairs of the county having made three successful races for Circuit Court Clerk. He was a man who made friends and held them. He was kind and considerate with his friends and devote to his family. He was member of the C. P. Church.

He is survived by his widow, five sons: William, David, John, George, and Sam, two daughters: Mrs. William Howard of Chattanooga and little Ruth, two brothers: George Lee and Harrison, four sisters: Mrs. J.N. Calhoun (of) Orr, Oklahoma, Mrs. T.W. Tribble (of) Memphis, Miss Pricilla McCutchen (of) Orr Oklahoma, and Mrs. W.C. Cavens (of) Wilson, Oklahoma. We join the host of friends in extending our sincerest sympathies to the bereaved family in their extreme sorrow.

Cards of Thanks We desire to extend our sincere thanks to our many friends who were so kind and considerate to us during the recent illness and death of our husband and father brother Walker McCutchen. To every one who in any way rendered assistance we want to express our many thanks. Mrs. Walker McCutchen and Family

Family Line: 
John McCutchen of Alabama


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It's a matter of sorrow losing such a great personality. Glad to read something about his life story and all his achievements. Must say the funeral event must be a great one. Actually we should make such occasions a memorable one with great arrangements. Creative events Boston. So nice of you sharing it!

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World would never forget the contributions of Walker McCutchen and he will live forever in our hearts. I have read many contributions of Walker McCutchen in a paper of dissertation help UK and then I shared with my social media channels.

The news of Walker McCutchen's death had shocked many people. Many local and international sites which includes British Assignment Writers - did also published news and articles on the death of Walker.

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